Stock Options as share based incentive

We specialize in incentive plans based on the use of options & shares

Do you need help with an share based incentive? Then you have come to the right place!

For two decades, we have worked with share based incentive plans, reward instruments such as Stock Options, Share Awarads, Restricted Shares & Units valuations for companies. Together with you, we can design the perfect incentive plan for the employees or key people at your Company!

Specialists in Stock Options

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There are a number of different types of share based incentives, such as Stock Options, Share Awards, Restricted Shares and Units etc.

We are an independent valuator with a strong focus on incentive programs

We help you to attract and keep key people in your Company, both in a regional as well as global context. A remuneration package could be a share based incentive such as Stock Options, Share Awards, Restricted Shares & Units. We at Optionspartner focus on other compensation setups, typically a sort of “shared-based-compensation” deal.

Tax issues

How are share based incentive taxed? (Stock Options, Share Awards, Restricted Shares & Units)

FAQ about Options

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Who hires us?

Our customers are small and medium-sized companies

that are keen to retain key people and who have realized that options are formidable instruments when it comes to designing reward systems. Those who hire us believe in a positive future for their companies and we help them achieve it.

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